About Us

MTC Document and Data Management is a leader in document conversion; electronic image conversion from one format to another; and microfilm/microfiche digitization.

What we do best is to help you increase your accessibility to the information in your Document and Data Management system or in the Cloud

The following are some examples of projects that we have successfully completed:

Utilizing our high-volume paper scanning software, we converted 1,196,000 images from the health related industry into digital images with index. It was then uploaded into our ultra-secure online document repository where the customer could retrieve their electronic documents 24/7. We provided on-site training to the organization so their employees understood how to make use of the system. That Secure, that Simple.

High volume microfiche scanners were used to convert over 5 million images in 11 months that were housed on very old microfiche that were deteriorating, into a legible digital image with index. The electronic images were placed in a compatible database format that the client uploaded into their existing database, no elaborate modifications needed. Prior to converting these microfiche, clients’ staff spent days searching, and printing; the labor was out of control. Now the convenience of use, the speed in which to retrieve these images and the labor savings realized by the client has amounted to over $128,500.00 per year.

After we showed the client a faster, easier way of finding their mountains of documents as opposed to digging through misfiled papers, we convinced them that they needed electronic document management. Using our high volume scan software we converted the files to a digital image with three fields of index. They loaded these onto their server and used our robust retrieval software corporate wide for easy, instant access for everyone.

Mission Statement:

To transform your documents, electronic data and microfilm/microfiche into a powerful business tool so that you can easily find and use them.