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A complete, full-featured production-level document capture and indexing system.

PaperFlow™ is fully automated, simple, yet powerful, and its indexing capabilities make it an ideal choice for improving employee productivity and performance.

The user-friendly interface makes training a breeze.

The unique indexing capabilities ensure accuracy while minimizing operator keystrokes.

Automation performs a full array of processes that can be scheduled during off-peak hours, eliminating the need for operator intervention and reducing network traffic.

Powerful export options transfer image and index data from PaperFlow to more than four dozen document management and imaging systems.

Capture documents and images for a complete solution utilizing ImageSilo® or PaperVision® Enterprise.

For more information on our services, please call us at (614) 314-5055, or 
email us at info@mtcdoc.com.


  • Convenient

  • Cost-savings

  • Document Security

  • User-Friendly





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