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Owner of MTC Document Management Creates Successful Business After Personal Tragedy - Columbus , Ohio – July 17, 2006

Teresa Daniel, President/Owner of MTC Document Management (MTC), has successfully developed her corporation into a strong, prominent business while conquering great adversity. In the prime of her growth, she suffered a life-altering brain injury. Even through this tragedy, she emerged from the challenge of recovering from her injury while building her business almost from ground zero to become one of the most viable corporations in the document management industry.

MTC originated as a service bureau offering the conversion of paper documents into microfilm, but as newer, more convenient technology become readily available, Daniel decided to transition the business to follow these trends. MTC then became the first scanning service bureau in Columbus , Ohio to offer the conversion of paper documents into electronic image s. However, in the midst of this achievement, Daniel suffered a tragic accident.

“Two weeks after the installation of my first scanner and software, at eight months pregnant, I tripped and fell down a flight of steps and hit my head on a concrete floor,” Daniel explains.

Daniel was a very hands-on executive with many of the operations of her business falling on her shoulders.  Due to her recovery time, many aspects of her business had to be put on hold, including sales and accounting. Daniel did not know where to turn for support to keep her business running. Clients were falling off and vendors were knocking down her door for payment.

“One of my largest clients after finding out about my injury decided to use another vendor for the services I was providing. I was being threatened with tax penalties and the lose of other benefits, it was like a domino effect, and it did not matter that I had always kept up with payments prior to the injury,” Daniel states.

After several months of physical recovery and fighting an uphill battle to keep her business in operation, Daniel was able to rebuild her company, becoming even more successful than before her injury.

“I asked my doctor to let me go back to work, and I did part-time with two small children in tow,” Daniel said. “I fought as hard as I could by producing the paperwork from my neurosurgeon for proof of my injuries to various agencies, wrote letters to explain the situation, paid bills, invoiced and tried to sell the new technology of electronic documents. And at the same time, I was trying to recover. I moved the business forward, but it took a very long time.”

MTC Document Management has been in business now for over 18 years and continues to make a significant footprint in the industry. Daniel provides document management services to many large corporations/organizations in the city including NetJets, SERS, The Ohio Board of Nursing, Mattison & Co, The Ohio State University, Porter Wright Morris and Arthur LLP, Ohio Operating Engineers Fringe Benefit Plan, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Columbus. In 2004, MTC was awarded a $200,000+ bid for the electronic conversion of over 5 million images.

From this experience, Daniel became aware of the need for support services for individuals who have suffered brain injuries. She has recently developed a partnership with the Brain Injury Association of Ohio ( ), a local chapter of a national non-profit organization that offers resources and support to individuals and their families with brain injury.

“Through this organization, I am extending my job opening positions and training to also include persons who are brain injury survivors,” Daniel explains.

Founded in 1988 in Columbus , Ohio , MTC Document Management ( ) is a female business enterprise. MTC specializes in transforming paper documents into a powerful business tool by converting them into a high quality electronic image . Additionally, MTC offers the necessary software and hardware to support these services.

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